SJ50 Film Festival (Gallery Session 2, 21 Oct 2016, Friday) (location changed to B1 Auditorium)

Venue relocated to B1 Auditorium from 1F Gallery!


SJ50 Film Festival
is a non-profit project to celebrate Singapore and Japan’s 50 years of diplomatic relations by showcasing short films from both Singapore and Japan. This is to promote better understanding of both countries, and to encourage Singaporean and Japanese young film makers to have more exchanges through networking, learning, and collaboration. SJ50FF screenings will be held in both Singapore and Tokyo.

SJ50 Film Festival is supported by Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Tokyo and Kyoto Prefecture, in recognition as a project to celebrate 50th Anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations ​

SJ50 Film Festival, Gallery session 2 (location changed to B1 Auditorium)

Dates: 21 (Fri) October 2016

Time: 8:10pm to 9:20pm

Venue: Asian Civilisation Museum, Comtemporary Gallery 1F (location changed to B1 Auditorium)

Tickets: Free with $5 (refundable) for advance registration
Please come to our booth at the venue before 8:00pm, we will cancel your booking, and $5 will be refunded to you. For late comers or no-show, there will be no refunded.

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City of Silence (カタラズのまちで)
- Drama (PG)

Director: Kanji Tsuda
Length: 25min 0sec
Language: NIL
Subtitle: NIL
Completed date: 2013

In a small rural town, FUKUI, there is a painter who loved by local dwellers. His unique style of color usage was affected from the person who met at the painter's time of a junior high school student. The person was a homeless who lived under a bridge. Instead of words, Painting played the role of their communicational language; two persons reached out to understanding each other beyond their generation, even though it was a momentary. Based on the real experience of Kanji Tsuda, director of the film, the slightly bitter youth story reveals the inside scenery of local silence town.

The Apple of my Pie (PG13)

Director: Tariq Mansor
Country: Singapore
Length: 6mins 10secs
Language: English, Singlish
Subtitle: English, Japanese
Completed date: 2015

Charlie drags along his buddy Lyon on a stake out to spy on his cheating pregnant wife. 'The Apple of my Pie' is a dark-comedy about the struggle between two friends and an impending murder. ​

Hibinoneiro (Tone of Everyday)
- Experimental, MTV

Director: Masashi Kawamura + Hal Kirkland + Magico Nakamura + Masayoshi Nakamura
Country: Japan
Length: 3min 50sec
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Completed date: 2009 ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

"Tone of Everyday" is released as one of the songs inside the mini-album "Water Flavor EP". This music video of "Tone of Everyday" is made with a live performance on Skype together with fans from different parts of the world. Together with some creative planning and editing, an interesting music video is produced. It became a worldwide hit on Youtube with over 5 million views. The music video was also boardcasted on NHK, and received a Media Art Entertainment Prize from the Ministry of Culture. The song has also be performed live is various festivals such as Shibuya o-west, Mice Parade, Kurampon, EG)-WRAPPIN, as well as NEUTRAL NATION 09.

The Missing Words
-Drama, Animation (PG)

Director: Khalishan LIANG, and Nurliyana Abdul RAHIM
Country: Singapore
Length: 23mins 09secs
Language: English and Mandarin
Subtitle: English, Japanese
Completed date: 2016 ​

Liang Xuan is a Chinese boy who grew up with his Christian mother in China. When he studied and served National Service in Singapore at a later age, he met his the other half, Yana, a local Muslim girl of mixed heritage. Knowing that their union is forbidden to his parents, Liang hid his relationship with Yana from his parents as much as he could, while his mother made it clear to him that she does not want to see him with her, and follow her faith in God as well. What she did not know is that he already has his own resolve and leans towards Yana’s faith. Also featuring the legendary 'Nasreddin' in the world of stop-motion animation.

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Fri Oct 21, 2016
8:10 PM - 9:20 PM SGT
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Asian Civilisation Museum
Gallery session 2 (refundable), 21 Oct 8:10pm~9:20pm SOLD OUT $5.00
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Asian Civilisations Museum, 1 Empress Place, Singapore 179555 Singapore
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